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Friday, June 02, 2006

I believe I was left with the wrong family when I was born!
Why you ask?
I enjoy most food, reading material and music not,
how do you say, normal, for an american.
That goes for my thought process also, but that's
a different topic.
This is an Italian song and if I'm correct,
celebrates the unifying potential of the sea?
I don't have anything else but this song by him but it's a favorite!
Che II Mediterraneo Sia : Eugenio Bennato

MP3 File

Keep the faith baby!

Let's spend a night at Wigan Casino in the 70's (77)!Northern Soul!
Yeah baby,yeah!
Update The influential American music magazine 'Billboard' officially voted it 'The Best Disco in the World' ahead of New York's 'Studio 54' in 1978!

Mary Roos

In the Netherlands everybody is a little bit grumpy about the bad weather this spring. When the rain is pouring from the sky, you’ll have to find a solution to bring the summer into your livingroom. Music always seems to help and lately especially German singer Mary Roos, with her song L’Autoroute. Everytime I hear this song, which is quite often these days since it’s on a compilation I’ve made, I start to whistle and the sun seems to be shining again. Try it yourself, you’ll see it will work.

Mary Roos – L’Autoroute

Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Marshmallow Kisses

The Marshmallow Kisses is a band I've just been introduced to. They are an indiepop band from Hong Kong, and their songs are delightfully twee. But I suppose you can guess that from their name!

The Marshmallow Kisses - I Wonder Why My Favourite Boy Leaves Me In The Rain

The Marshmallow Kisses official site, here.
More songs on their myspace!

Old-school rap

Jeanne Calment - La farandole de Jeanne

Jeanne Calment was born in Arles in 1875 and died in 1997 at 122 years of age, making her the official oldest person in the world, ever - and she was one damn cool, witty lady, by all accounts (quote: "I've only got one wrinkle, and I'm sitting on it). She also released a rap record at the age of 121, 'Maîtresse du temps' from which this track is taken, and it's a lot of silly fun. Read more about her here in English, or ici en français.

Illustrated for Playboy, wrote and illustrated childrens books,
wrote songs that became famous for Dr. Hook, Johnny Cash.
Hopefully his early LPs will come out on CD,
as they're hard to find and expensive.
This cut is from:
Inside Folk Songs: 1962
It Does Not Pay To Be Hip
7 days and it's gone.

MP3 File

Sunny Day

The playstation game Vib Ribbon allows you to navigate a bunny-like creature over a La Linea-esque line. The line changes in shape (and difficulty) by playing your cd's in the console. The game also features some Japanese demo tracks to practice your skills. Among these tracks is Sunny Day by Laugh and Beats. It's a bit mad, changes tempo every minute and might be one of the best songs ever written.

Sunny Day

Music a gogo : The Ray Macvay Sound

Classic British hipster instrumental a go-go,enjoy!

Kinda kinky

file will be hosted approx. 7 days

Are you my lady, are you?

Dreamy music: MEW
Mew became a huge success in Denmark when they emerged on the scene alongside the likes of Carpark North, Swan Lee and Saybia, amongst others, in 2003. At the 2003 Danish Music Critics Award Show, Mew was awarded prizes for "Album of the Year" and "Band of the Year". After a European tour supporting R.E.M. they have begun to attract wider attention. Their latest album And The Glass Handed Kites was released in Denmark on September 19, 2005, and in the UK and rest of Europe on September 26. They are MTV Asia "Buzz-Worthy" as of January, 2006, and at the recent DMA06 (Danish Music Awards) they took home 4 statuettes. According to public statements, And The Glass Handed Kites will be released in the United States in Summer 2006.

Mew - The Zookeeper's Boy

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Andy Williams & Claudine Longet

A sweet duet by the former couple.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Sam Butera was born in New Orleans, La in 1927.
It's said, without him, Louis Prima would never
have been as big as he was.
He played with Prima for 20 yrs, with his group the Witnesses.
He sang and played Sax.
He's still playing in Las Vegas once inawhile.
If you've never heard him, he's fun indeed!
In this file, you'll find:

Bim Bam & Up Jumped A Rabbit

Monday, May 29, 2006

i`m coming home!

The Nashville Teens had a huge hit everywhere with "Tobacco Road" in the 60s. They were from Surrey in the UK. Not Nashville. In 1967 they recorded this killer version of a track originally recorded by collectable northern soul babe Beverly Ann (below!)

I`m coming home mp3!

Dan Hicks was the founding member of the Charlatans, circa 1968.
This is from the DH & Hot Licks 1st LP, circa 1969.
Droll humor, Django and swingin', not to mention great harmonies.
In '71, there was "Where's The Money" followed
in '72 by "Striking It Rich" both
worth seeking out!

How Can I Miss You When You Won't Go Away &
The Jukies' Bal
both written by Dan Hicks.

Tomorrow Never Dies

It's no secret that Sheryl Crow sang the unmemorable bland theme to 1999's James Bond movie 'Tomorrow Never Dies'. Yes, Brosnan hated it too!

Get the 007 luxury feeling with these two great propositions:

K.D. Lang - Surrender
David Arnold originally proposed "Surrender" as the main theme to be played during the title credits, but this was changed at the last minute in favour of Crow's theme.
Sheryl Crow’s whiny marketing strategy “Tomorrow Never Dies” holds nothing over on Lang’s end title song which should have been the movie’s theme. The Lang song bears a resemblance to Nancy Sinatra's “You Only Live Twice” with a bit of Shirley Bassey tossed in for nostalgia.

Swan Lee - Tomorrow Never Dies
Swan Lee was a Danish band featuring Pernille Rosendahl on vocals.
The band had long tried to secure a record deal with the established majors, only to be met with either indifference or a total lack of understanding of what the band was all about. This sparked a defiance in the band that resulted in the decision to release their self-financed debut on their own label, GoGo Records. The success of the album has since inspired an ever growing number of artists to follow suit.
In September 2005, it was announced that Swan Lee had broken up.

I think most of you will enjoy this Danish proposition. It really has everything to be a bold, classic-style James Bond theme song.

Watch the amazing video based on all the famous James Bond titled sequences.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Tom Zé

Tom Zé is a Brazilian musician considered part of Tropicalismo, a 60's musical movement from Brazil headed by Caetano Veloso & Gilberto Gil. He soon took his own experimental and unique way, mixing Brazilian music, rock music, twelve-tone music and all kind of recorded sounds. Almost ignored on late 70's and early 80's, he was soon to left music composition (to work on a gas station, according to myth) when David Byrne "discovered" him in mid 80's (in the same sense that Columbus "discovered" America) making him less unknown to critics. This two songs are from his 1976 album "Estudando o Samba".

Songs (available until Jun/04):
Tom Zé - Toc
Tom Zé - Mã

Official Website
Wikipedia Article

(Photo taken from his official website)

Paris in the spring

Priscilla Paris - My Window

Hello Splendida! - here's a nice piece of Sixties croonage from Priscilla, who released three solo albums: this is from her second album, Priscilla Sings Herself. She was the youngest of the Paris Sisters, a 60s trio who were big fans of the Andrews Sisters and originally discovered by them. They had a hit in 1966 with whispery ballad I Love How You Love Me.