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Thursday, January 18, 2007

I'm getting there !!

Dean Coutney
[Love] You just can't walk away ..... Dean Courtney

Hey guys, I suspended my Blogging pursuits, closing my blogs over Christmas due to my transplanted kidney failing. Well I'm back on full time dialysis but actually feeling a lot better than I did, after a real downer ver Chritmas I'm now listening to music again, reading, watching movies & in a couple of weeks hoping to be well enough to resume gigging [if only occasionally at first !] ...... so I felt like sharing some music and am starting to consider a return to blogging [although this is some way off at the moment due to nearly all my time being spent at hospitals or caring for my wife who also has health problems, but that is another story ! It's only one track for now but I love it, hope you do to ! See you soon !!