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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Cast Your Fate To The Wind - Vince Guaraldi
Larry's Dance - Larry Vuckovich

Do you know the song: Little Boxes, by Malvina Reynolds?
That's where I grew up, Daly City, Ca, USA.
My neighbor, while in HS and beyond, was Larry Vuckovich
and his late wife Linda. Why do I share this.
I thought that the 1st song may or may not be well known to you.
Vince Guaraldi is now more famous for his Charlie Brown music.
His 1st hit was "Fate."
From the album "Jazz Impressions of Black Orpheus."
Although he never taught piano, his only pupil was Larry.
Larry's song is from his album "Blue Balkan."
Perhaps you'll enjoy hearing these 2 musicians,
if you've never heard them before.
And Thanks Bruno!


At 6:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing some of your background! We are almost neighbors; I live in Lafayette. I've been a professional violinist for 35 years now, involved in all kinds of projects over the years. I grew up on Vince G, recorded on a couple of Charlie Brown soundtracks for Ed Bogas at Fantasy, etc. etc.

You post good stuff. More, more!

John Tenney

At 1:09 AM, Blogger MixAway said...

John, Thanks! I think we exchanged on my "late" blog audio-history. I'm actually in Indiana and getting ready to move to Seattle. We miss the west coast too much and well, it appears there's not enough time in a day anymore, plus the type of music I listen to doesn't get much response, but plenty of DL sometimes. Which can be said for most the folks here.
I appreciate Bruno inviting me and thanks again for your comment.

At 9:37 AM, Blogger Bruno said...

Hi mixaway,no prob man! :)
Love your contributions,so keep 'em coming!


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